Nana & Kaoru - Black Label, Band 3

Viel Spaß mit einem Buch in der Hand. Mach es mit dem Buch Nana & Kaoru - Black Label, Band 3 doppelt so angenehm! Schließlich enttäuscht Ryuta Amazume nie. Laden Sie das Online-Buch Nana & Kaoru - Black Label, Band 3 herunter und lesen Sie es! Nana & Kaoru - Black Label, Band 3 Image


In der parallel erscheinenden BLACK LABEL Serie stehen SM-Autor Sarashina und seine Muse Tachibana im Mittelpunkt des drastischen Geschehens. Neue sexy Erfahrungen erwarten Nana und Kaoru zusammen mit ihren Freunden!


AUTOR: Ryuta Amazume


DATEINAME: Nana & Kaoru - Black Label, Band 3.pdf


Nana to Kaoru is an adult manga aimed at a specific kind of audience. The atmosphere of the manga is highly lustful and charged and features a 17 year old boy who has an S and M fetish which he wishes to pursue with his childhood friend, the beautiful Nana who has impeccable grades and a personality and body that makes everyone who meets her go instantly crazy for her.

Story Line: Nana to Kaoru: Black Label series begins 8 months in the future of the parent version, with Nana and Kaoru in the summer of their final year of high school. Nana is a normal teenage girl in her last year of high school getting ready for college admissions tests during her summer vacation, with the exception of one thing: She takes "breathers" with her childhood friend, Kaoru.