50 Recipes with Apples

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Recipes: Apple Glaze for Ham Apple Spread Apple Brine Sliced Tart Apples with Cinnamon Apple Dumplings Apple Pie American Style Walnut-Apple Cookies Crunchy Apples Chocolate Chips Flavoured Apples Baked Apples Delicious Apple Pastries Apple Stuffing with Thyme and Rosemary Apple Butter Simple Apple Pie Apple Muffins with Pumpkin Easy Apple Beverage Quick Apple Crisp Apple Bread Apple Dessert with Tortillas Quick Apple Snack Apple Pie Minis Quick Apple Snack Milky Apple Dessert Apple Brownies Apple Cake with Walnuts Apple Cobbler Alternative Apple Cobbler Apple Cake with Lemon Juice and Cinnamon Apple Casserole Apple Salad Raisin-Apple Salad Apple Slaw Stuffed Chicken Breast with Apples Pork Chops with Apple Apple Cookies with Pecans Apple-Oat-Crisp Apple-Vanilla-Dessert Sweet Dip for Apples Apple Treat Apple Treat Chocolate Style Fried Maple Apples Apple Cookies with Walnuts Apple Dessert with Blueberries Walnuts flavoured Apple Snack Apple Soup Apple Pancakes Apple Mash Honeycrisp Apple Dessert Celery-Apple Juice Brown Sugar Flavoured Apple Treat


AUTOR: Mattis Lundqvist


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