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Struggling to deal with her mother;s abandonment and a past she refuses to confront, Stevie knows she has problems. But she;s still furious about the fact that she;s been packed off to a health clinic, in the middle of nowhere, where mobile phones are banned and communication with the outside world is strictly by permission only. The regimented and obtrusive nature of the clinic and its staff is torture to the deeply private, obstinate Stevie - and don;t even get her started on the other ;inmates;. All she wants is to be left alone... But as Stevie is about to find out, life is full of surprises. And she will prove herself stronger than she knows - even when her past finally catches her up in the most shocking and brutal way possible.


AUTOR: Meg Haston


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THIS BOOK WAS FANTASTIC. I absolutely loved Paperweight by Meg Haston. As someone who's suffered from anorexia since they were eleven, I only just realized that I had yet to read a fiction novel about eating disorders, and Paperweight did not disappoint. I'm amazed at how much of an accurate representation of eating disorders this book was. I realized so much about my own illness while reading ...

Meg Haston is both a survivor and a mental health counselor. Meg first conceived of PAPERWEIGHT when she spent time in a treatment center for disordered eating in Arizona. Like her character Stevie, she could bring nothing but a small suitcase of clothes - no books, no phone, no computer. But she was allowed to write. In between group meals and individual sessions, Stevie was born into the ...